Commercial Services

All-pro painting is highly recognized in the commercial painting industry. We love to work with companies to help in there renovation and up keep of commercial buildings and multi-family homes. Our painting experience includes apartment buildings, churches strip malls, multi-family use and commercial up-fits. We have the organization and professionalism to make your commercial painting be a smooth experience. Contact us today!

Make Your Project Stand Out

Interior painting

Interior Painting

All-Pro Painting of North Carolina will guarantee the quality of your interior painting solution from start to finish. We’ll make sure that you’ll get a coat of paint to freshen your walls.

We are experts in technical painting and our customers have come to appreciate the extra things we do to make a difference. Besides painting, we’ll protect your furniture before getting started so that not even a single speck of paint will fall on your precious items.

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

The outside elements can quickly erode the exterior paint of your home, but All-Pro Painting has the answer you need. Our exterior painting service is designed to provide you with long-lasting and attractive finishes to make your property stand out.

Whether you wish to paint your outdoor walls, decks, or anything else, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll use the best paints and weatherproof materials available.

Carpentry repairs

Carpentry Repair

We offer carpentry services together with our top-quality painting solutions. Our crew of skilled craftsmen can help ensure your residential or commercial space stays fresh and up-to-code in terms of repairs.

Ceiling Texture Removal

Is your property using obsolete or unappealing ceiling texture? If you want it removed, All-Pro Painting has you covered.

We have experts that can remove any ceiling texture indoors and replace that with a texture that you actually want.

Wall Paper Removal

Wallpaper Removal

Removing wallpaper is a frustrating, long, and tedious process. Besides that, it’s also quite tricky and can easily result in unnecessary damage to the walls.

To keep the indoor appeal of your home safe, we recommend hiring our crew to remove your wallpaper as safely as possible. We also can complete the job better and faster than any DIY enthusiast.

Deck and Fences

Fence and deck staining is more than just improving the curb appeal of a property, it’s also designed to keep the exterior features of your home safe from water damage and rot.

Our technicians follow a tried and tested approach to ensure that your fences and decks are properly maintained when they work on them.